my angels

my angels

Saturday, February 19, 2011


         I have learned that visual symbols are unrealistic reproduction of physical things.Teaching with visual symbols, the teacher makes use of abstract representation such as graphs,diagrams,comic strip,chart,and cartoons.These visual symbols worth a thousand words because they are easier to understand than words of a paragraph.
  1. Graph is consist of diff. types:
  • Pie graph- use for showing parts of the whole.
  • Bar graph- use in comparing the magnitude of similar items at diff.ties.
  • Pictorial graph-makes use of picture symbols.
    2. Cartoons-these symbols can bring novelty to teaching.They tell the story metamorhpically.

    3.Comic strip-this can be used by teacher for educational and entertaining.This can serves as motivation and starter of the lesson.

    4.Diagram-this is any line drawing that shows arrangements and relations as to part of the whole,relative values,origins and development,chronological fluctuation and distribution. It is compose of three types;
  •  Affinity diagram-use to cluster complex apparently unrelated data into natural and meaningful groups.
  • Fish bone- it is also called cause-and-effect diagram.It is a structured form of brainstorming that gaphically shows  relationship of possible causes and subcauses directly related to an identified effect or problem.
  • Tree diagram-depicts development, growth and change  by beginning with a single course which spreads out int many branches.

    5.Chart-this is a diagramamatic representation of relationship among individuals within an organization.
It is compose of diff. types:
  • Flow chart-s visual way of showing a proces from the beginning to the end.
  • Organizational chart-shows how are part of the organization relates to other parts of the organization 
  • Pareto chart-type of bar chart prioritized in descending order of magnitude from left and right.
  • Gannt chart-is an activity time chart.
  • Time chart-a tabular time chart that presents data in ordinal sequence.
Visual symbols also include maps.These are physical maps,relief map,commercial or economic map,and political map.


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