my angels

my angels

Friday, December 10, 2010


          I have learned that  contrived experiences are the edited version of direct experiences which are use to substitute  for the real thing when it is not practical or not possible to bring in the classroom.

The contrived experiences varied in different types:
  • Model  -  reproduction of real thing in a small scale,or large scale,or exact size but made of synthetic materials
  • Mock up - an arrangement of real device or associated devises displayed in such a way that representation of reality is created.
  • Specimen- any individual or item considered of a group, class or whole
  • Objects- may also include artifacts displayed in a museum or objects displayed in exhibits
  • Simulation-  a representation of a manageable real event in which the learner is an active participant engaged in learning a behavior or in applying previous skills or knowledge.
Contrived experience is use to overcome limitations of space and time,to edit reality to focus on parts or a process of a system that intent to study, to overcome difficulties of size, to understand the inaccessible and help the learners understand abstraction. The teacher use simulations and games to make their class interactive and to develop the decision-making skills and knowledge construction skills of their  students.

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